Two Shrinks Pod : a podcast about psychology

Donaldson, A. & Mulcare, H. (in press)

Aims: Two Shrinks Pod is podcast all about nerding out psychology and psychological theory. The focus is mainly on clinical issues, that is the kind of topics and issues that come up in psychological therapy such as anxiety, depression and personality disorders. It is a chance to listen to and understand how psychologists think about problems, how they attempt to resolve them, and what their everyday work can entail. The intent is to present discussions that are at a level that psychologists have, rather than dumbed down content that is found elsewhere.

Method: Roughly hour long podcasts released at the start of each month (give or take) presented by Amy and Hunter, both psychologists who live in Australia. There is about 40-50 minutes on a topic which covers theory as well as how the topic translates into clinical practice. From time to time we have other psychologists or professionals on to talk about specific topics that we want to know more about. The pod always finishes with a segment called “Things We Came Across”, which is where we each talk about an interesting and usually odd or funny piece of research we have come across. You know, the article that comes up when doing a literature search that looks far more interesting that whatever you are researching, the one that you tell your friends from the lab when having after work drinks, the one you can’t believe someone actually got funding for and found results, the funny one, that article.

Results: At the time of writing 30 podcasts have been published with a clinically significant trend towards increasing levels of professionalism in presenting style and content. Highlights have been the series on understanding personality disorders and how they are treated. Two TWCA specials have also been presented (pods 10 and 20). Regular listeners look out for regular mentions of attachment theory, schema therapy, cats, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Podcasts have been accessed through a range of sources, including this website, apple podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean and other podcast apps. Listeners are also able to follow the show on twitter @twoshrinkspod.

Conclusions: Find a topic you think might sound interesting and have a listen. If you like the show tell someone about it. Listeners can also see ratings and reviews of the pod on apple podcasts.