10 - Ten things we came across

10 - To celebrate our 10th episode, we're going rogue this week (while maintaining a secure attachment to psychological research) and sampling an assortment of weird and wonderful papers with 10 things we came across. Hear Hunter talk about the controversial diagnosis of Anakin Skywalker, try to convince Amy her cat is not exhibiting attachment behaviour and consider why people like spicy food. Amy finds out why she's sure she's always right, makes Hunter insecure about his unusual first name and talks about children's imaginary friends. Join us for more!

Hunter's articles:

Anakin Skywalker - part one, two, three and four

Spicy food

Feline attachment styles

Psychiatry in a combat zone

Politician's personalities

Delusional disorder in Seinfeld

Amy's articles:

Nostalgia and identity

The SPOT effect (or why I'm always right)

Imaginary friends

Unfortunate first names

Medical conspiracy theories