06 - Treating anxious kids

06 - We take a look at anxiety in childhood. Amy takes us through some common symptoms before Hunter chats about using play in exposure therapy. We finish our anxiety segment with some research exploring the changes in children’s anxiety by supplementing their treatment with a brief parental anxiety intervention.

Plus, ever wondered if you’ve got the right traits to make it into Big Brother? Or considered building your own functioning spider man suit? Tune in for some handy hints.

Amy's articles:

Brief parental anxiety management

Spider man's suit

Hunter's articles:

Playful exposure therapy

Big Brother


05 - Do you want it darker? The Dark Triad of personality.

05 - This week we're taking a look at the Dark Triad - psychopathy, narcissism and machiavellianism. Amy provides some definitions before we compare notes on a collection of interesting articles. From cyber aggression to succeeding at work, the Dark Triad has been linked to a variety of behaviours, relational patterns and characteristics. We end the episode with some highly rigorous in-house research by Hunter on his Harry Potter house, self-diagnose a touch of misophonia and consider the relational impact of phubbing. 

Want to take a look at a measure of the dark triad? Paulhus & Jones' Short Dark Triad (SD3) is available free online - http://personality-testing.info/tests/SD3/ 

Amy's Articles:
Cyber aggression
Risk Taking
Here's the misophonia article

Hunter's Articles:
Observed suffering
Academic Majors
Doping attitudes
Career success
And here is Phubbing

04 - Attachment theory as it relates to a) parenting, b) distress in cancer patients. Wedding reality tv watching and Harry Potter

04 - This episode we talk about attachment theory which is one of the dominant theories in psychology. We give background about the theory, Amy then talks about a parenting intervention based on attachment theory, Hunter talks about how attachment influences emotional support and distress in cancer patients. We finish with some fun articles in 'things we came across'  discussing wedding reality tv watching, and the personality traits of Hogwarts house members.