18 - Lettuce talk about vegetarians and vegans

18 - This week, Two Shrinks Pod is going green with a chat about the psychological aspects of following a meat free diet. We talk about eating disorders, anxiety and how smarter kids tend to be vegetarians in adulthood. We also ponder whether eating meat is associated with masculinity and question how prejudiced Western culture is towards vegans and vegetarians. To wrap up, Amy blames Hunter for her current earworm and soothes herself with research about how other people experience songs stuck in their heads. Then Hunter talks us through the most dangerous month to visit a hospital in the US. 


Hunter's articles:


Bias towards vegetarians

Eating disorders

IQ in childhood

Amy's articles:

Stress and anxiety

Bias among vegans & vegetarians

Masculinity and meat-free diets

Things we came across:

Earworms - stuck song syndrome (Amy)

The July Effect (Hunter)