19 - Do you worry in social situations? A look at social anxiety disorder

19 - This week we have an in-depth chat about social anxiety disorder - which is when people find social situations difficult and worrying, so much so that people avoid them. Social anxiety disorder is a really interesting problem that is surprisingly common. The discussion on this pod illustrates many key concepts in how psychologists understand and treat anxiety (and mood) problems. So it should be a good pod to listen to if you are generally interested in what psychologists do. We talk about social anxiety in adolescents, how it relates to feeling shame and being self-critical in adults, the relationship between anger suppression and social anxiety, and finish up talking about CBT and mindfulness as treatments for social anxiety. In Things We Came Across Hunter continues with his discussion about mortality rates in hospitals - this time asking the question what happens when cardiologist go to a conference, Amy ends by discussing magic and cognitive ability.  

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